Much More Gooder Studios

Please bear with us, there’s still a lot of work to be done on this website! We’ll be adding schedules, SM links, and streamlining over the next few weeks. Sometimes things can be good, but they could always be Much More Gooder.

From the serious to the hilarious, there is something here for everyone.

Much More Gooder Studios is the brain child of Bill Morgan, a retired Firefighter and former US Marine willing to accept any challenge thrown his way. Whether it is guiding common sense discussions towards effective solutions or the hilarious fun of games and joking around, the two halves of Bill Morgan find their home in one studio.

All regular shows will be broadcast live on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Direct links and schedules will soon be available on each show’s page. You can find the Full Schedule here.

Much More Gooder Studios is a subsidiary of Panda Productions

The Colonel Obvious Show

There will be days when you’ll find yourself laughing, even if the topic is no laughing matter. Are the politicians governing this country or do they need to be handed a bottle, have their diapers changed and be put down for a nap?

There are two sides to every coin, so let’s get both sides out there, and then throw some common sense into the mix. We need to stop judging ideas based on who came up with it. Can the idea stand on it’s own? Leave your team player politics and your memes behind and join us in coming up with productive discussion on the issues we’re faced with today

If we want effective solutions to the problems that we face, WE are going to have to find them! Find out more here!

Husky Games

Need a break from the rest of the world? It’s time to unwind!

Let’s check out the latest games, and laugh as Husky jumps at the monster around the corner. Perhaps his big soppy eyes will shoot wide open with that barking laugh. Wonder what happens if Husky struggles to sneeze?

The Husky Games Show is here to provide an interactive light-hearted good time.

Find out more and Husky here.

Colonel Obvious – The Serious Side

With roots that are grounded in the U.S. Constitution, Colonel Obvious can be a little old fashioned and document based. He will gladly point out when someone is doing a good job, but he’s not afraid to highlight when elected officials are crossing the line into Stupidville.

The Colonel is open-minded and tries to remain balanced. So, if you have different perspective, tell him all about it and win him over.

Colonel Obvious

Husky – The Distractible Side

The lovable, light-hearted Husky loves joking around and having fun. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through gaming, playing with the dogs, or struggling to sneeze, Husky just wants to have a good time, and wants you to have a good time too!

Wonder what mischief he’ll get up to today.